HUG meets Kafka UG Frankfurt | Co-Meetup


In light of recent events and the spread of the COVID-19, we decided to move this event online for the safety of our team, partners and the whole community. Even though we won’t get to meet & greet each other in person like we used to, this is an opportunity to join us online, from anywhere in the world!

This HUG will be a special one! We will co-host it with the Apache Kafka User Group Frankfurt, from Confluent, and all talks will focus on combining these key and highly relevant technologies!

### Agenda ###

18.20 – Online networking (feel free to byob!)

18.30 – #1 Talk: Setup Kafka with Terraform | Dominik Fries – CTO & Qais Babie – Cloud- and Senior Big Data Architect | Thinkport GmbH

19.15 – #2 Talk: Bridge to Cloud with Apache Kafka | Perry Krol – Head of Systems Engineering Central EMEA | Confluent

20:00 – Networking (virtually)

### Details ###

About Talk #1:
Dominik Fries is CTO of Thinkport GmbH. He has been working on the topics of Hadoop, event-driven architectures, the construction of data lakes and of course cloud computing for many years. He is always involved in the conception as well as in the development.
Qais works as Cloud- and Senior Big Data Architect at Thinkport GmbH. He has been working extensively on diverse enterprise projects with Apache Kafka and AWS. Most DAX-Clients increasingly request to use Terraform for deployment and automation.
Both of them will share some insights on how to deploy and manage a highly scalable Kafka Cluster with Terraform.

About Talk #2:
Organizations are rapidly moving to the cloud to solve their data storage and data analytics challenges while reducing time-to-insight is the primary driver for these business investments. When most enterprise data is still stored in on-premises silos, we need to build a streaming data pipeline to collect data changes in real-time, process it and feed it into the data analytics cloud service. In this talk, we will explore how Apache Kafka can be used to implement one that extracts data stored in third normal form from an RDBMS, streams it to the cloud and feeds it in a usable form into Google BigQuery.
Feel free to join and invite others! We are looking forward to a great meetup!

Use the link to join: