Cloud Consulting for Migration to the Cloud
- With focus on the Cloud Readiness Assessment -

A successful cloud consulting for migration to the cloud helps businesses migrate their IT systems and processes to the cloud and reap the benefits of cloud technology. It is important to choose an experienced and competent cloud consultant to ensure a smooth migration.

Cloud consulting for migration – which might takes several months – classically goes through the following five steps:

Especially the first three steps listed are critical to success. Therefore, a professional cloud consultant recommends a systematic approach such as…

Cloud Migration Readiness Assessment

is a process where organisations assess their readiness to migrate their on-premise computers to the public cloud. This process involves identifying and assessing factors that may affect migration and developing strategies and actions to address potential challenges.

As part of the Cloud Migration Readiness Assessment, the company's current IT systems are examined and the requirements for the cloud infrastructure are determined. Both technical and organisational aspects are taken into account. In addition, the risks of the migration are assessed and measures to minimise the risks are developed.

An important part of the Cloud Migration Readiness Assessment is the identification of workloads that are candidates for migration. This includes both critical workloads that require high availability and performance and less critical workloads that have lower demands on the cloud infrastructure.

Another important aspect is the evaluation of the costs of migration. Both the direct costs, such as the costs for the cloud infrastructure, and the indirect costs, such as the costs for adapting the IT systems, are taken into account.

Finally, a plan for the migration is created, which defines the necessary steps, resources and schedules. This plan serves as the basis for carrying out the migration and ensures the successful implementation of the company's cloud strategy.

Checklist for Cloud Migration Readiness Assessment

Checklist for the steps and criteria in the Cloud Migration Readiness Assessment:

1. Capture IT systems and requirements:

2. Assess risks and challenges:

3. Cost analysis:

4. Create migration plan:

5. Technical audit:

6. Organisational audit

7. Financial audit

8. Test and evaluation

The exact steps and criteria may vary depending on the company and the scope of the migration. It is important that the checklist is adapted to the specific requirements of the company and that all relevant aspects are considered.

Overall, the Cloud Migration Readiness Assessment is an important part of the cloud consultancy. It helps companies to successfully manage the risks and challenges of a migration to the public cloud and to fully exploit the benefits of cloud technology.

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