Our A-Team

Office Frankfurt


Tobias Drechsel

Partner & CEO
With 8 years of working on Tech Startups and software products Tobias got the right mindset and experience to build truly innovative technology

Dominik Fries

Partner & CTO
Big data and machine learning are emerging technologies which Dominik is working for over 12 years now and making him a true expert in this field

Steve Bitar

Partner & COO
With unique expertise in prestigious management consultancies Steve is able to plan and staff projects with precision, always on time and in budget

Azat Kadyrov

Fullstack Developer
From Frontend Java Script Development to Backend Micro Services and Python Applications Azat is a talented developer and helped countless of clients.

Ante Marijanovic

Fullstack Developer
Ante has over 8 year experience in programming Web and Backend applications. He is now doing more and more projects on AWS and server-less architectures.

Sai Charan Kusumapani

Machine Learning Engineer
With Sai's scientific and practical experience in AI and machine learning he is supporting major clients to move beyond AI small talk.

Josephine Krohn

Business Development
Josephine takes care about various exiting areas within our business development unit. It includes marketing, talent scouting and event management.

Roman Krivtsov

Senior Cloud Architect
Roman has great experience in designing and implementing complex architectures AWS. With a startup mindset and enterprise experience he is strengthen every project team.

Japhet Fetewi

Cloud Development
Japhet is a young and motivated cloud developer specialised in big data and data warehouse topics.

Diogo V. V. Eduardo

Cloud Development
Diogo is an experienced Backend Developer working at several IT companies across europe. He is now specializing on AWS and Azure Configuration

Office Kiev


Vladislav Dudnik

Python Developer
10 years experience in developing complex machine learning layers and other frameworks in python makes Vladislav the perfect developer for innovative projects

Nikita Pogrebinsky

Python Developer
Micro services and services oriented architectures equip Nikita with state of the art software architecture skills

Marina Kryvobok

UI Design
With an excellent masters degree in Design from Kyev National University Marina is one of the best upcoming talents in UI design

Yaroslaw Boreckyi

Web Developer
5 years of extensive web development led Yaroslaw to build various apps with all relevant web frameworks like react and angular

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