Recent Projects

Real-time Sensor Streaming

Cloud based streaming of high frequency sensor data for major German automotive company.

AWS Serverless Architecture

Cloud based serverless architecture and cloud migration for a major German energy provider.

API for Risk Modelling

POC for migrating a complex risk model into the cloud with API interface for German bank.

Streaming with Kafka on AWS EC2

DevOps concept of an event driven architecture build on AWS with Apache Kafka.

AWS Migration of Python services

Migrating several micro services for complex to AWS Lambda and setup VPC structures.

NoSQl Strategy Workshops

Creating a NoSQL strategy for multiple companies in a 3 day workshop format.

Global Sourcing Setup

Helping a client and building CI/CD pipeline with Jenkins, Kubernetes and Docker for sourcing.

Data Lake Architecture

Creating and presenting a data lake architecture for a major German financial services company.

... and many more

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