Happy International Women’s Day!


To women all over the world: make it about yourself and your dreams!

“I know what it’s like to be a woman in Tech. When I started my first job in Argentina, I was the only woman in my team. I was the first one to enter the office and the last one to leave it. I felt the pressure of succeeding for all my fellow women. But it wasn’t all easy. In such a men-oriented company, bullying and sexism were part of the company’s toxic culture. I had a hard time but speaking up and facing the issues, instead of just leaving was the right decision. I have since moved on and that experience made me even more committed to fight injustice in the workplace. More women in the workplace make an organization more diverse, dynamic and contribute to its long-term success. I often face the question: How can you code? It is not that hard. Like for any other job, you have to be open to learn new things, stay committed and keep practicing. Now I have started my first tech job in Europe, I love it and I plan to stay! To women all over the world: make it about yourself and your dreams! 

Happy International Women’s Day!”

Juliana Rocha – Software Engineer at Thinkport GmbH

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